what makes a museum a museum?

white walls; open spaces

the walls were already painted white when i got it at the garage sale on 14th though they were a little dusty and had to be cleaned before using them.

high quality content

my boyfriend and i spent a few hours in a cafe coming up with insect puns and realizing them in paint.net and pixlr

public appeal and approval

one time when the door of my garage was open this lady came by and said she liked it cause it reminded her of the dollhouse that'd been hers as a child.

currently on display at MINI

edible insects - sophie spincher

featuring a collection of edible insects displayed on teapots, spincher woos us with her ability to magnify the imagination when she adds cynical commentary to these otherwise ridiculous child-like objects, delving into each of the very messed up head spaces of these strange and frighteningly misunderstood creatures that are also relics of our own real subconscious.

misunderstood relics of our distant future - tyler chauvinsky

limiting himself to pre-made, mass-produced objects, chauvinsky dares to divide even the smallest thing, working with match sticks, beads, bullet shells, and plastic babies. his "future relics" provide us with the sense that life as it is has come to an end, forcing us to re-examine those things we took for granted

adult coloring book - pieter bouvard

playing off the theme of adult coloring and its unexplored connotations, bouvard unleashes a brilliant series of drawings which are really quite adult in content and ostensibly meant to be colored. his works are computer generated enhancing the line quality to a degree which insinuates efficiency and high class